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Themes & Hazard Types

Conference Themes | Hazard Types | Second Circular | Flyer

Conference Themes:

Code Themes Description
A Natural hazards in the megacity The physical (e.g., early warning, monitoring, scenarios, precursors), and physical-social complexities of natural hazards in megacities.(...more info)
B Transient and long-term effects of catastrophic perturbations The long-term effects, impacts and legacy to the environment and human systems after a natural hazard event, particularly health impacts.(...more info)
C Hazard development under a changing climate Documented local and regional changes of geohazard occurrence and likelihood due to changing climatic conditions and anticipation of future hazard development based on climate models and mechanistic understanding of hazardous processes.(...more info)
D Multi-hazard interactions (cascades) One hazard triggering or increasing the probability of another hazard occurring (documenting case examples, quantifying causal links, hazard cascades, risk and stakeholder awareness of that risk).(...more info)
E Black swans and grey swan events In the context of hazards, a ‘black swan’ event is a truly unpredicted event that has a major impact and a ‘grey swan’ event a highly unlikely event that can be forecast with a degree of confidence.(...more info)
F Natural hazard communications, warning systems and monitoring programmes Communications, warning systems and monitoring programmes before, during and after a natural disaster (including education, visualization, policy-science interface, uncertainty, scenarios). (...more info)
G Single Hazard Case Studies This category includes quantitative and qualitative single hazard case studies. For example, studying fault parameters on a single fault, landslide attributes in a case-study region, or a specific application of rainfall modelling.(...more info)
H General Contributions We encourage interested participants to choose which theme(s) is/are most appropriate for your presentation. However, if your work does not fit into any of the given themes, but still relevant to “New Dimensions of Natural Hazards in Asia”, you should select the general session.(...more info)

Hazard Types

Mass Wasting (e.g., landslide, rockfall, debris flow)
Snow Avalanche
Volcanic Eruption


Extreme Precipitation (e.g., hail, snow, rain)
Extreme Temperature (heat or cold)
Storm & Cyclones

Biodiversity Change (e.g., vegetation, invasive species)

Geomagnetic Storm
Impact Event

Other Natural Hazard

Anthropogenic or Natural Contaminate (e.g., heavy metals)