Registration & Abstract

The Third AOGS-EGU Joint Conference on New Dimensions for Natural Hazards in Asia


  1. The Third AOGS-EGU Joint Conference Series on Natural Hazards (NatHazards2021) is free for all to attend.
  2. No registration fees are required to register and attend the NatHazards2021 Virtual Meeting.
  3. However, the committee will need a little of your time by completing a short survey in the meeting registration form.
  4. For authors who would like to submit an abstract and make a poster presentation, a SGD75 abstract processing fee is required.
  5. The amount payable is SGD75 per abstract and the maximum limit is 2 abstracts per submitting author.
  6. Authors can submit their abstracts via the "Submit Abstract" function on the left menu upon completing their meeting registration.

How to Register

  • You will need your user account to log on to MARS (the AOGS online portal)
  • AOGS Members can access MARS using their current user accounts.
  • New users can create a user account here
  • Click on "Meeting Registration" under author options on the left menu, and follow the on-screen instructions to register for the conference

ABSTRACT - How to Submit

Submit Abstracts by 26 Aug 2021 Extended to 02 Sep 2021

  • Authors can only submit an abstract AFTER they register for the conference.
  • To submit an Abstract, authors will have to select the "Register for Meeting with Abstract (Display Material)" category when registering for the conference.
  • After registering, a new "Submit Abstract" option will appear the left menu.
  • Click on "Submit Abstract" under author options on the left menu, and follow the on-screen instructions to submit your abstracts
  • A processing fee of SGD75 per abstract needs to be paid before you can proceed to submit your abstract. The payment may not be deferred and the paid fee is non-refundable and not waived for withdrawn/rejected abstracts.
  • Accepted Credit Cards: MasterCard / Visa/ UnionPay / Diners Club / Discover / Alipay / WeChat Pay
  • Two abstracts is the maximum limit for each submitting author
    • A processing fee of SGD150 needs to be paid when submitting two abstracts.
  • All abstracts should
    1. be related to the themes of the conference,
    2. clearly outline the motivation, evidence, methodology and results of the study, and
    3. be written in clear intelligible English with a maximum of 300 words.
      Please do not include the following in your abstract: figures, photos, illustrations, in-text citations, references, or trade names/brand names. A sample abstract is given here.
  • The scientific programme committee reserves the right to place the abstract in a different and more appropriate theme based on its topic and content.
  • By submitting the abstract, you are granting the conference organizers the right to publish and disseminate it electronically, including publishing accepted abstracts in a publicly accessible location of the conference website.
  • Only abstract(s) submitted via the online process will be considered. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of your submission. If not, please email secretariat to
  • You can modify and resubmit your own abstract anytime but it must be before the submission deadline.

Review Process

  • The Scientific Advisory Committee will review abstracts for content and scientific merit.
  • The review decision will be either "Accepted" or "Rejected"
  • All submitted abstract are expected to submit a poster upon acceptance.