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New Dimensions for Natural Hazards in Asia: An AOGS-EGU Joint Conference is a joint AOGS / EGU venture dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of natural hazards.

This international conference brings together students, early career and established scientists from all areas of the globe. The aim is to discuss current advances in knowledge and new perspectives relevant to natural hazards in the Asian region.

Conference Themes:

A:Black swans and grey swan events
 Low recurrence, high magnitude events.

 Communications before, during and after a natural disaster (including education,
policy-science interface, uncertainty, scenarios).

C:Hazard development under a changing climate

D:Multi-hazard interactions (cascades)
 One hazard triggering or increasing the probability of another hazard occurring (documenting
case examples, quantifying causal links, hazard cascades, risk and stakeholder awareness of that risk).

E:Natural hazards in the megacity
 The physical (e.g., early warning, monitoring, scenarios, precursors), and physical-social complexities of natural hazards in megacities.

F: Transient and long-term effects of catastrophic perturbations
 The long-term effects, impacts and legacy to the environment and human systems
after a natural hazard event, particularly health impacts.

We invite contributions in the above themes, from the practical to the theoretical. Although primarily aimed at geo-scientists and geo-engineers, we also encourage contributions from economists, social scientists, historians, policy actors, educators and hazard practitioners.